We are a powerful and dynamic cross-industry association serving the needs of experienced sales directors, executives, consultants and academics, who have experience of working in and for some of the largest organisations in the world. 

One of the values, which the SPA holds dearly, is 'non commerciality'. This means this is not a forum for either speakers or members to overtly sell themselves or their services. This non commercial environment allows members and invited guests to focus on squeezing every drop of learning that can be gained from speakers, peer discussions and networking, rather than being 'pitched' at or lobbied for support.

The Sales Performance Association is supported and endorsed by our Patron, Professor Neil Rackham, the world renowned and acclaimed author and speaker of researched work into sales effectiveness. Our Honorary members include Professor McDonald from Cranfield University, Dr Beth Rodgers from the University of Portsmouth and Dr Iain Davies of Bath University. All of who attend forum events as speakers and participants.